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Lovers in Japan


u ever fall in love with an art style?? like an art style crush?? like you see anything drawn in that style and you swoon??

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The Asahina Triplets ⋊ requested by asahinatriplets


"From far away came the sounds of someone’s laughter."


cute date idea: let me sleep in your bed for hours on end because I’m tired of being a person

Free! Eternal summer: pool+cherry blossoms


(via maho @maho885610 | Websta (Webstagram) 1, 2)

Natalie. 26. Virgo. ISFJ. Fangirl. I love anime/manga, jdramas, music, movies, literature and video games. Currently obsessed with Free! <33

Makoto Tachibana is the love of my life. I adore MakoHaru, SouMako and MakoRin. Oh, right! I'm the female version of Hiroki Kamijou and Junjou Egoist is my OTP of all time *\(^o^)/*

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